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Supporting ArmyRust™ to continue by going VIP will reward you with kits containing the above pictured items, repeatedly, for as long as you are a VIP.

One kit is your main VIP kit and contains weapons, explosives and resources. This kit has a cooldown timer of 48 hours.

Another kit contains general supplies such as ammunition, tools, food and random gifts. This kit has a cooldown timer of just 24 hours

In addition, you will have access to commands: /raft /bgrade 4

Lastly, you may have 1 extra saved Home teleport and 2x faster teleport cooldowns.


If the server wipes while you are waiting for your kit to be available again, the kit timer will be reset and you will be able to claim it again immediately.

Normal delivery time range: 1 – 4 hours. The contents of this VIP package are subject to change at any time. 1 month is considered equal to 30 days. Any fraud attempts will result in a permanent network ban.


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