No Decay/Upkeep Costs

Ignore the “Building Decaying” notice – we do not have decay or upkeep costs – just build & go!


Murder the poor civilians or fight the stronger US, UK or RU military soldiers at different monuments!

You can keep their guns and loot

Custom MegaLoot++

Well balanced and fun – you can find a lot of items very quickly!

Horse Riding

Just press USE on any horse to begin riding! Amazingly fun!

All Skins Free

We provide /skin command for free to all players! Have fun with painting your items to look different!

Real Working CCTV Cameras

Set up CCTV cameras around your home and view them remotely! Use /sc to begin. Who’s that knocking at your door?

Automatic Searchlights/Doors/Upgrade

Spotlights that track enemies automatically with /sl

Doors which close automatically with /ad

Constructions which upgrade automatically with /bgrade

Online Map

Find everything more easily at

Realistic Warfare

Join a squad or form your own squad and storm the island


Use /trade to trade safely


There’s /tpr to join up with your friends


Use /sethome name to set your home location on a foundation in an authorized zone. Use /home name to return to it


Enter /kit to see what you can get!

Improved Animal AI

You’ll find animals taking refuge in the thicker forests and at watering holes!

Persistent Corpses

Taking forever to find that dead body? Don’t sweat, you have 30 minutes!

More Realistic Landscape

We have developed an immersive & realistic landscape which applies to all maps we run

Help Menu

Enter /help to see command menu

Remove Tool

Enter /remove to get rid of things

Long days

Spend more time playing and less time waiting!